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About the site

We hope that you enjoy visiting We always welcome feedback from visitors about the site; if you have any comments (e.g. suggested improvements) then please contact us.


Here are the awards that this site has currently received.

Topmarks Excellent Site Award Approved by Schoolzone's team of independent education reviewers

History of the site

Nether Stowe began life as the online home of the Science Department at Nether Stowe School in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Over the course of two years, a variety of resources were added to the site to support Science students at the school.

In April 2004, I moved to a position at Wolverhampton City Learning Centre. The site was relaunched in January 2005, and now accepts revision materials and student work from science teachers and students across the UK.

CLC websiteUnless otherwise credited, materials on the site were created by me during my time at Nether Stowe. Once other schools have contributed materials, the names of the schools and staff will be listed here and on the pages they have contributed.

Richard Anderson
eLearning Coordinator
Wolverhampton City Learning Centre

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Sources of Content

Images on the site come from a variety of sources. The banner images and the front-page (microscope) image are used under license from Cartoons were kindly drawn by Mrs. S. Stepek, Nether Stowe School, Lichfield. Other images may come from websites. If you have any objection to the use of these images for educational purposes, please contact us.

Quizzes on the site use PHP and an SQL database. The PHP script for the quizzes was created in-house.

Crosswords were created by Crossword Compiler, and are used under license.

To the best of our knowledge, all revision notes on the site are original. If you have reason to believe that has infringed copyright in any way, please contact us with details, and we will remove the offending item(s) immediately.

File viewers

Some pages on the site may require visitors to download and install additional software to view files. All text-based documents on the site are given in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format or in Microsoft Word (doc) format.

To download the viewers for these file-types visit the sites below:

Adobe Reader Download Adobe Reader
Word viewer

Download Word viewer

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As far as possible, we aim to make compatible with a variety of browser software. As such, pages on this site are written to validate as HTML 4.01. As a matter of course, we check that pages appear correctly in Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox and Opera 7. If you experience problems with another browser, please contact us to let us know, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that changes will be made. If you are trying to view the pages with Netscape 4.7, then I'm afraid it's time for a new browser!

A few pages on the site (the "click here" type quizzes) require browser Javascript support to function correctly. Interactive crosswords require Java to function correctly.

Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS!

Increasing the text-size

If you would prefer the content text on the website to be larger (or smaller), you can adjust this through your browser:

  • if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, select the View menu, then Fonts or Text Size, and pick an option from Largest to Smallest
  • if you are using Mozilla Firefox, select the View menu, the Text Size and Increase or Decrease.

Other browser software usually has a similar feature - normally under the "View" menu option.

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