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Friday, 22 January  

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Enough of all the serious stuff!

The FunZone is where we put all of the weirdest, funniest science materials we can find. There's some good, honest science lurking here, but that's less important than the ability of science to amaze, intrigue and amuse . . . . . .

(Got any other daft science sites we should be adding? Let us know!)

Weird Websites

  • What happens if I pass 20,000 volts through a Furby? - a site from a group of mad scientists who are devoted to testing all manner of household objects to see how they respond to passing very large electrical currents through them . . . strange people (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)
  • Bunny survival tests - how many ways are there to destroy a marshmallow rabbit? The makers of this site seem to have found a few! How does a marshmallow bunny respond to a laser or being dropped into boiling water? Find out here.
  • Why does the sunshine? - a country-and-western style karaoke presentation of facts about the Sun.
  • The Death Clock - type in your birth-date, sex and how lucky you feel you are and it calculates the day of your death and tells you how many seconds you have left to live. Frightening stuff! (Year 7 boys have until 2064, apparently. Some of the teachers have a little less time . . . ).
  • Yucky Science - Explanations of all of the most disgusting human body processes - "all you need to know about barfing, belching and blackheads!"
  • - Fun, animated guides to key topics in Science. (If you want to view more than 2 animations per day, you will need to subscribe).
  • Stupid Science answers - the stupidest science answers ever given in exams; make sure you don't repeat any of these in your own exams!

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to check these sites for the suitability of their content, the content of external web-sites may change. accepts no responsibility for the content of external sites.
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