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key stage 3

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Teaching Resources

Below are a collection of worksheets / information sheets to support Key Stage 3 teaching. All of these resources are provided "as is"; it is up to the individual teacher to decide whether they are appropriate for their classes!

Some worksheets may contain clip art or images taken from the Web. If you have any reason to complain about the use of these images for educational purposes, please contact us.

Biology Resources



What is it?


A simple worksheet with space for students to draw in a plant and animal cell and link the parts of the cell to their function.

Digestive System Facts

A selection of bizarre facts about the digestive system. Students guess whether the statements are true of false. They are all true!

The effects of smoking

An information sheet which includes a gory distorted view of a "smoker's body" and information about the host of medical conditions associated with smoking. The patient's private areas have been covered with daffodils to protect his modesty . . .

Food pyramids

A worksheet which talks students through making a food "pyramid" showing their diet for one day.

Food pyramid grid

A blank template for students to draw their food pyramids onto.

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Chemistry Resources



What is it?

Acids and alkalis

A simple worksheet for students to record results from testing the pH of substances. Includes some questions about their results.

Changes of state

Students are asked to work out the temperature from diagrams of the particles in ice / water / steam. Includes additional support for students who find this challenging in the form of "stick-in" answers to complete and glue into the correct box.

Dancing at the disco - reactivity of metals

This worksheet uses the analogy of boys & girls dancing to try and explain the ideas behind displacement reactions in metal salts.

Burning magnesium

A worksheet to support the experiment in which students burn magnesium in oxygen and investigate the change of mass that occurs.

Solids, liquids and gases

Diagrams and statements about the particles in solids, liquids and gases; used together with the template file below.

Solids, liquids and gases - summary sheet

A summary sheet for students to transfer the statements and diagrams into (see above)

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Physics Resources



What is it?

Buoyancy forces

Looks at the change in weight of metal / wooden objects as they are lowered into water

Moon phases

A cut-and-stick exercise in which students work out how the moon will look from Earth at different points in the lunar month.

Tug-Of War

Uses the idea of a tug-of-war to illustrate the idea of balanced and unbalanced forces.

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