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ICT Research Exercise: Industrial Uses of Enzymes

Learning Resource

A worksheet is available, based around these web links.

Enzyme Questions (60k)

You require Adobe Acrobat Reader (get it here) to read this file.

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These web-sites give you information on the industrial uses of enzymes. Use the websites to answer the question sheet that your teacher has given you.

WWW Links

Here is a table that gives some of the other industrial uses of enzymes:


Function of enzymes


break down starch syrup into glucose syrup

change glucose into fructose, which is sweeter so less is needed - it can therefore be used in 'slimming' foods;

make artificial sweeteners

baby food

start off digestion of food so that it easier for a young baby to digest

fruit juice

make the juice clear

biological detergent

break down stains (attack proteins and fats);

soften fabrics (enzymes break down the 'bobbly' bits that can form)


make the meat tender


treat cancer, make drugs such as synthetic penicillin.

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