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Module 9 - Chemicals and the Earth

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Key topics

Uses of metals

The transition metals

Extraction of iron (the Blast furnace)

Rocks and the rock cycle

Extraction of aluminium

The Atmosphere

Purification of copper by electrolysis

The Haber Process

The alkali metals

The noble gases

Reversible Reactions


ICT Research exercises

Revision materials

WWW Links (links will open in a new window)

  • The Blast furnace - A straightforward explanation of the extraction of iron from
  • BBC Bite Size - GCSE Chemistry - revision materials on a large number of chemistry topics. For module 9, pay particular attention to the work on reversible reactions and equilibria (under 'Patterns of behaviour') and rocks (under 'Geology').
  • won't win any awards for the quality of web design, but there's loads on information on the main topics in the module.


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